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Before You Buy

We recommend that you read this information carefully before purchase.

Judogi Sizes I:
All judogi sizes displayed on this website are standard sizes. If you require a custom size, please use our Contact Us page to let us know what you want and where it is to be sent. Once we have this information, we can set up a custom order and email you a link to that order. If you are not sure of your KuSakura judogi size you can use the Whats My Size calculator find the most appropriate size. 

Judogi Sizes II:
Our sizes adjusted to conform with current International Judo Federation regulations and may feel larger than you might expect. The current size regulations for IJF certified judogi can be found at the IJF website in the [IJF Sport and Organisation Rules (SOR)] document, Section C. You can access the page where the latest version of this document is listed here.

Judogi Shrinkage:
New judogi are sanforized (pre-shrunk) however, there may be further shrinkage when washing and drying your new judogi.

  Models   Shrinkage  
  JOV/JOF/JOA/JKK     2~3%
  JNV/JNF   ~5%
  JOEX/JNEX    ~8%


We highly recommend you take the time to read our Judogi Care page.

Manufacturing and Shipping Times:

  Models   Standard Sizes      Custom Sizes  
3 weeks 4 weeks
JOA 2 weeks 3 weeks
  JOEX/JNEX  2 weeks -


  • If embroidery is requested this can add an extra week to processing times. 
  • Manufacturing times can be affected by the factory schedule and manufacture times may be longer or shorter than advised here.  
  Service    Approximate Shipping Time  
  EMS     3~10 days  

These shipping times can be affected by such things as customs inspection when entering your country so the actual time it takes for you to receive your package may vary from the information provided here. Once your order has been shipped, we will email you with notification of shipment and if applicable, with package tracking information. Please note that for Airmail service package tracking is not available.

Import Taxes For Your Country:
Many countries around the world charge customs duty (taxes) when items are imported into the country. We are unable to give specific information regarding customs duty information for each country so we highly recommend that you contact the Customs Department in your country for import information prior to purchase of our products.

If you have any other questions regarding the use of our website or KuSakura products please don't hesitate to let us know using our Contact Us page.