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KuSakura JudoGear 

supplies high quality judogi and judo equipment worldwide. 

KuSakura is an official judogi supplier to the International Judo Federation. All products on this site that include the IJF logo in the graphic are certified as compliant with the latest IJF judogi specifications and can be used in IJF events.

NOTICE: Discontinued Products

KuSakura has discontinued the JNEX line of red label blue judogi so we have had to remove these items from our shop. Depending on the size, there are still limited numbers of both judogi in stock so should you be interested in purchasing one of these models, please contact us for product availability and if available we will be able to make up a custom order for you. For information on this model please see the details for the equivalent JOEX white judogi.

We apologise for this inconvenience.

NOTICE: Shipping During The Covid19 Pandemic

At this time a significant number of countries have closed their borders to the shipping of packages. In addition there are currently limited flights available for transporting cargo from Japan while there is at the same time a large demand for air cargo space. This means that in some cases we cannot ship items to destination countries while in other cases there may be significant delays in the shipping times. While the COVID19 pandemic continues, we encourage you to contact us for shipping availability prior to placing your order so we can offer advice based on the latest information available.

We apologise for this inconvenience.